And not “Indicies”; I just took the Triplebyte backend developer test last night, and this was on the assessment.

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Never take a Triplebyte assessment late at night. Your concentration falls if you’re not blasting loud music in your headphones and the prolonged drowsiness dulls your comprehension as smooth as an unsharpened №2 pencil.

Notwithstanding all that, I didn’t do so badly. In fact, I’m just shy of the 50th percentile of backend devs. But my DB indexes skills need some reflexing.

A caveat: I admit I’m not the best at handling databases, and while I got my relational DB theory…

In a world that is embracing DevOps, Infosec is not sure which one should shoulder this responsibility.

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A Venify report showed that the number of companies where DevOps is responsible for the security and the number who assign this to their Infosec department is almost evenly split. But should there really be this ambiguity regarding the responsibility of software security?

When you look at the situation on paper, you might say that Information Security should find holes in the apps because they are normally penetration testing the company’s running software anyway. …

“How can I make my React app more responsive and maintainable?”

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As you already know, React components are written as functions these days, not classes. Among other things, it allows us to dispense with binding methods and the this prop. But with both ways, you ultimately have to write a rendermethod that returns a part of the DOM in the form of JSX.

They return a part of the DOM and do not generate a completely new one because the DOM is quite expensive to update, so developers try to minimize the number of DOM updates as much as possible.

Hence, most web developers reduce the number of components renders to…

This is going to be a short write-up to demonstrate how Babel can make your modern JS more portable.

Here’s a familiar situation you might relate to: You’re a Javascript developer who wants to use ECMAscript 2015 features in your code, but you can’t because you either a) have to support Internet Explorer or b) have to support mobile browsers. And believe it or not, with all the mobile-first craze, that’s a very common concern!

So you’re probably scratching your head thinking: “Well, how will I ever write ECMAscript 2015 like this?” Enter Babel.

Babel is an open-source JSX to…

I like AWS Cloud9. It’s a conveniently available IDE that doesn’t take too long to start, doesn’t require demanding resources on your machine, and can also connect and continue where you left off from different computers. It is a technical advancement over a locally installed IDE.

I have begun writing a large number of Lambda functions for small tools. That is, each function implements one tool. And one of the challenges I have faced while writing them is editing and deploying each Lambda function quickly. …

It is surely becoming a habit of me to write about design patterns the last few weeks, and I attribute that largely to my studying of them on Pluralsight (which by the way is a really great learning platform, go sign up for their premium plan if you haven’t already), so I like sharing the knowledge I gain about them on the free, non-paywalled internet.

This week we have a whopping 5 patterns to talk about. Well, actually 4 patterns and one mini-pattern, as the Null Object pattern is extremely simple. So without further ado, let’s go over the Adaptor…

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In a previous article published on CodeX, I wrote about the Proxy, Flyweight, and Strategy design patterns: Design Patterns Cheat Sheet — though “Cheat Sheet” might have been the wrong words to describe it. So the next patterns that I would like to show you are four: Singleton, Command, Factory, and Decorator.

Singleton Pattern

Proxy, Flyweight, and Strategy patterns are all on the dinner table today

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No matter which programming language you are proficient in, it is always important that you know a few basic design patterns that will make your code architecture look better. After all, nothing beats a well-written program that’s easily maintainable by others.

Software engineers invented design patterns to templatize common concepts in software engineering. Most of these patterns naturally occur in many programs, and the templates were specifically designed to be as efficient when used in a particular setting as possible.

As I’m expecting developers from all kinds of languages to be reading this, I will refrain from citing code examples…

What are the differences between the two?

  1. Neural Networks Basics: Weighting Functions
  2. Training Neural Networks With Keras
  3. Keras vs. TensorFlow (this article)

Now that we have seen an introduction of Keras, let us look at another popular machine learning library called TensorFlow and compare the two libraries. Tensorflow is a utility created by Google that is used to train models. But we haven’t actually seen how to import training data, create models or run models on datasets using Tensorflow. We have only seen how to do it on Keras.

Today we shall see how to do it on Tensorflow as…

Sometimes vcpkg cannot be used.

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VScode is a terrific code editor. It has everything a developer could ask for — Git integration, syntax coloring for different languages, an integrated terminal — it even lets you run and debug programs from within the editor. It’s a full-fledged IDE that few can rival in features.

But with all its star-studded capabilities, there was one missing feature that particularly irked me; I was using Windows 8 (don’t ask), and I wanted VScode to show me class and function definitions for external libraries in my C++ code so that I could avoid googling them…

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